Secretariat of the Security Committee (TK)

General Secretary: Vesa Valtonen

The Security Committee is a joint cooperative body assisting in matters related to overall security under the central government and the ministries. The Secretariat of the Security Committee functions as a part of the Ministry of Defence. The Secretariat finalises the matters pertaining to the Security Committee. The tasks of the Committee are regulated in the government decree on the Security Committee.

The Secretariat of the Security Committee functions in cooperation with all administrative branches, business life and organisations as an expert in overall security and its harmonisation, in addition to developing society’s security strategies. The expertise of the Secretariat is being developed to correspond to the networked approach and environment.  With these measures, the prerequisites are established from the perspective of the whole for appropriate national preparedness. The Secretariat of the Security Committee has been assigned with multinational MCDC experimental measures coordination duties.

The central government has appointed Permanent Secretary Jukka Juusti from the Ministry of Defence to act as Chair of the Security Committee. The General Secretary of the Secretariat is Vesa Valtonen.

More information about the Security Committee:

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