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13.09.2017 19:00

Developing the status of the National Defence Training Association in local defence and mutual assistance between authorities

Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö set up a working group on 29 March 2017 to study alternatives in developing voluntary national defence training.

This decision was based on a view expressed in the Defence Policy Report that the best way to promote national defence will is by providing high-quality training and supporting voluntary national defence work. The goal is to bolster the status of voluntary national defence in local defence and mutual assistance between authorities and, by so doing, to strengthen the operating environment for national defence.

It was outlined in the Report that the National Defence Training Association (NDTA) should be developed as the Defence Forces’ strategic partner in line with Nordic operating principles.

The NDTA today has an important role in training reserves for the Defence Forces and building the capabilities of wartime troops. It also provides training for civilians to prepare for comprehensive security threats and for women to participate in national defence work. 

The working group will study three different development alternatives: the NDTA could be developed as an organisation governed by public law, with emphasis on partnership; it could be developed by setting up an authority; or the NDTA could be developed as part of the Defence Forces. Alternatives two and three would require a broad-based change that would have to be studied in detail.

The working group will submit its report to Minister Niinistö by 30 September 2017. Prior to that, the parliamentary Defence Committee, the Office of the President and the leaders of the NDTA will have been informed of the working group’s proposal.

Inquiries: Chair of the working group, Director of Unit Antti Lehtisalo, tel. + 358 295 140330.


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