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01.06.2017 09:00

Permanent Secretary Juusti to attend a meeting in the United States

Permanent Secretary Jukka Juusti from the Ministry of Defence will participate in a defence cooperation meeting to be held for the United States, the Baltic States and the Nordic countries in Washington on 1 to 2 June. The meeting will be hosted by Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work.

In recent years, Deputy Secretary of Defense Work has met permanent secretaries or state secretaries from the Nordic and Baltic defence ministries on a regular basis, both bilaterally and in joint meetings of the nine countries. When Work visited Finland in October 2016, a Statement of Intent on bilateral defence cooperation between Finland and the United States was signed.

The meeting in Washington continues the tradition of joint meetings. Cooperation in the coalition against ISIL, the security situation in the Baltic Sea and other defence cooperation related matters will be addressed in the meeting.

Inquiries: Director General Janne Kuusela, the Defence Policy Department, tel. +358 295 140300.

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