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Finland's participation in the peacekeeping operation in Southern Lebanon is supported. The ABDI Survey 11/2006

Three-fourths (74%) of Finns support Finland's decision to deploy peacekeepers to the UN operation in southern Lebanon. From the perspective of security in the region, 71 per cent consider this a positive thing, and from the viewpoint of Finnish foreign policy, 73 per cent of the population thinks so.

This survey was conducted to ascertain the opinions of Finns on Finnish foreign and security policy as well as on defence policy. The survey also includes questions regarding the European common defence and Finland-NATO cooperation. In addition, citizens were asked to provide their views on how they feel security will develop over the next five years and how much they worry about the political situation in the world. Furthermore, they were asked to assess factors affecting security or insecurity and to detail their concerns about the future. The survey also polled citizens' views on Finland's participation in the EU's rapid response force, in the peacekeeping operation in southern Lebanon as well as participation in voluntary defence activities. Altogether 24 questions were asked, of which four were completely new.

The ABDI Survey 2006 (doc) (110 KB)

The ABDI Survey 2006 Pictures (pdf) (592.5 KB)

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