The Squadron 2020 project replaces the Navy vessels to be decommissioned

Squadron 2020 is the Navy’s project that aims at replacing the seven vessels the Navy will decommission. These will be replaced by four modern corvettes.

New vessels are important for Finland’s defence

The new vessels will be important for Finland’s defence as they will form the backbone of maritime defence for the Defence Forces in the future.  They are planned to be used into the 2050s. Read why the new vessels will be important for Finland.

Four multi-role corvettes will replace seven vessels

Minelayer Pohjanmaa, the former flagship, has already been decommissioned, and the four Rauma-class fast attack missile crafts and two Hämeenlinna-class minelayers will reach the end of their service lives in around mid-2020s. They must be replaced by new vessels. Research results and comparisons have shown that a multi-role corvette will be the best replacement option.

Corvettes have many important features:

  • they can repel ships and other vessels
  • they are capable of maritime mine-laying
  • they can engage in anti-submarine warfare
  • they can repel aerial vehicles
  • they are capable of fire support against land-based targets.
  • corvettes are capable of being in command of naval operations
  • their capacity for long-tern operations at sea means that
  • they can be used throughout the year. They will not be hindered by difficult weather or ice conditions in the Baltic Sea.


Squadron 2020 vessels to be constructed in Finland

While the vessels of the Squadron 2020 project are planned to be constructed in Finland the weapons and sensors will be procured from abroad. 

The procurement decision will be made latest in early 2019 and the vessels will be built in 2021-2025. Read more about the project’s timeline!

The Squadron 2020 publication

The Squadron 2020 publication describes the role of maritime defence as a part of the defence system and outlines how the Navy’s capabilities are to be maintained in the 2020s. While it gives grounds for procuring four multi-role corvettes to maintain the Navy’s capabilities it also discusses the procurement from the perspective of security of supply chain.

The Ministry of Defence was in charge of preparing the publication which is based on the results of long-term research and planning by different organisations and on information gathering and planning of the project group.

Squadron 2020_The Finnish Defence Forces' strategic project (pdf) (888.2 KB)