To export, transfer, transit and broker defence materiel, a licence from the central government or the Ministry of Defence is always required. As of 1.1.2017, an export licence, a transfer licence and a transit licence are applied for via the e-Service.

A decision is made on a case by case basis and it will be granted if it is in line with Finland’s foreign and security policy and does not compromise Finland’s security. When considering a licence application, Finland follows the common position of the European Union (2008/944/CFSP). In addition, the end user of a product shall be reliably stated in the application.

National legislation governs the exports, transfer, transit and brokerage of defence materiel:

Act on the export of defence materiel 282/2012

The defence materiel is listed in the Common Military List of the European Union.

If necessary, a specification of defence materiel can be requested in writing from the Ministry of Defence.

It is advisable to start the application procedure in good time before the export/transfer.

Apply via the e-Service.


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