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22.12.2015 14:12

Finland responded to France’s request for help by offering SAC hours

In the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris, France has requested other nations for assistance. Finland responded by offering flight hours on the shared transport aircraft under the SAC (Strategic Airlift Capability) concept. This matter was discussed and decided on at the President and Cabinet Committee on Foreign and Security Policy on 11.12.2015.

Finland’s assistance consists of supply transports carried out on the C-17 aircraft of the SAC initiative. France uses the air transport hours it received from Finland to transport material from France to Nigeria and back. The aircraft was loaded on Sunday evening 20.12., and the return flight back to France is scheduled for Tuesday 22.12.

Finland is entitled to 100 flight hours annually within the SAC initiative.

For more information, please contact Senior Staff Officer Hannu Teittinen, tel. +358 9 295 140317.


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