Press Releases 2015

28.04.2015 15:16

Finnish Navy detected possible underwater target in the territorial waters off Helsinki

As part of the tasks to protect territorial integrity, the maritime surveillance system alerted the Finnish Navy of a possible underwater target around midday on 27 April 2015. The possible target was located within territorial waters, close to the limit of territorial waters off Helsinki. A search was then conducted by surface vessels.
A new detection was made in the search area early on Tuesday 28 April. On the basis of the detections, navy vessels fired handheld underwater depth charges as a warning at 3 a.m. An investigation of the incident is being carried out.

For further information, please contact Captain (N) Olavi Jantunen, Chief of Operations in the Finnish Navy (the national switchboard of the Finnish Defence Forces is +358 (0) 299800).

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