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18.12.2015 14:04

Future use of Minelayer Pohjanmaa

Based on the decision made by Defence Minister Jussi Niinistö, the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command will take measures to scrap minelayer Pohjanmaa.
Minelayer Pohjanmaa has reached the end of its life cycle and it will therefore no longer be in operational service. The Navy was not able to find other use for it. To give up on the vessel will make both personnel and facilities available for other needs in the Navy. Selling, scrapping and restoring the vessel into a museum ship were discussed as alternative future uses. The upkeep of the vessel has cost about EUR 10 000 per month.

The scrapping which will be started in March 2016 will be conducted in Finland. It will be carried out by taking into account both environmental considerations and the social responsibility of the Defence Forces.

The net costs of the scrapping will be EUR 248 100. When the vessel is broken up, all usable parts or parts with commercial value such as engines and some of the systems will be sold or utilised elsewhere. As a result, net costs will decrease to the extent that the parts bring in profit.

The Military Museum in Helsinki will be given an opportunity to recover items suitable for its collections before Pohjanmaa is scrapped.

For more information, please contact special advisor Sanna Laaksonen, tel. +358 9 295 140417.

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