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15.05.2015 14:27

Minister of Defence Carl Haglund to Brussels

Minister of Defence Carl Haglund will take part in the defence minister meeting at the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) in Brussels on 18 May 2015.

The Foreign Affairs Council will bring together defence ministers, and the key topic of the FAC meeting will be preparations for the European Council, scheduled for June 2015, where defence matters will be discussed. In the morning meeting the ministers will address the EU’s military crisis management operations. This will be followed by a joint meeting where defence and foreign ministers will discuss the security situation in the EU’s neighbouring areas, preparations for the European Council in June and the reform of the European Security Strategy. Ministers may also address a possible operation against illegal immigrant smuggling in the Mediterranean.

In connection with the FAC, the steering board of the European Defence Agency (EDA) will meet on the defence minister level. In addition to the preparations for the European Council in June which will be the main topic of this meeting, the ministers will discuss concrete joint ventures for which the EDA is responsible and how to take them forward.

For more information on the meeting, please contact the Ministry of Defence’s Special Advisor Rasmus Hindrén, tel. +358 295 140 322, Special Advisor Sanna Laaksonen, tel. +358 295 140417, and Senior Advisor Kristian Vakkuri, tel. +358 295 140123, on the communication details of the visit.

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