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23.11.2016 13:00

Minister of Defence Niinistö: Changes in the security environment have become "a new normal"

Defence Minister Jussi Niinistö gave a speech on 23.11.2016 at the seminar organised by the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ACRE) at the Little Parliament building in Helsinki.

Minister Niinistö analysed the security policy changes in the Baltic Sea region during the post-Cold War era and he also discussed Russia's great power status and the measures Russia has taken to pursue its national interests. Other key topics were Russia's Near Abroad policy, interpretations of the international law and its use of military force.

According to Minister Niinistö, changes in the security environment have become "a new normal".

He underlined the importance of not to be provoked even when provoked and that all countries should maintain a dialogue in security matters.

The entire speech is available on:

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