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06.03.2018 10:52

Additional procurement and service contracts for the Defence Forces Two-Sided Combat Simulator System

Defence Minister Jussi Niinistö authorised the Finnish Defence Forces' Logistics Command to sign a contract with the Swedish Saab AB, Training and Simulation, on the procurement of a Two-sided Combat Simulator System (KASI) for two basic units.


By means of this realistic combat training environment it is possible to create believable training in battlefield conditions.


The Defence Forces have used the KASI system since 2005. The system can be used in combat exercises between reinforced companies. By combining the new and old KASI systems it is possible to organise instrumentation training involving up to 2400 participants.

The total value of the procurements is EUR 6.49 million (VAT 24 percent). The additional procurement of the KASI system is a part of the training simulator development programme by the Defence Forces? to maintain shared material. Preparations to sign the procurement and service contracts were started in 2017. 


The domestic employment effect of these contracts is about six person-years.



Contract award decision: Senior Governmental Counsellor Jouko Tuloisela, Ministry of Defence, tel. +358 295 140 412,


Technical matters:

Captain Mika Kärsämä, Army Academy, tel. +358 299 462 801, and MSc (Tech.) Mikko Kivi, Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command (Joint Systems Centre), tel. +358 299 578 454.

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