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27.02.2018 10:07

Defence Forces to procure traffic tractors

The Defence Forces received a mandate from Defence Minister Jussi Niinistö to procure traffic tractors, auxiliary devices for front loaders and trailers with interchangeable pallets from Finnish Agco Suomi Oy.

Traffic tractors play an integral part in implementing transports and supplementary services in the Defence Forces’ logistics system. The material to be procured will be used to equip the Army’s logistics troops and the logistics maintenance units of service branches. Traffic tractors are used for transporting material in mobile containers, mechanical materials handling, snow-clearing and earthmoving work in the logistics area of responsibility.

The procurement’s total value, including VAT, is about EUR 15.6 million with a domestic employment effect of 32 personnel years. A total of 72 traffic tractors with trailers will be procured and they will be delivered to the Defence Forces over 2018-2019.

Inquiries: Senior Governmental Counsellor Jouko Tuloisela, Ministry of Defence, tel. +358 295 140 412 and Inspector of Logistics, Colonel Jyrki Nurminen, Army Command Finland, tel. +358 299 800 (switch board).

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