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25.10.2019 16:13

The Ministry of Defence reviewed the export of defence materiel to Turkey – existing export licences will not be revoked retroactively, but new ones will not be granted

On 9 October, Finland tightened its policy on the export of defence materiel to Turkey and, because of the military operation launched by Turkey in Syria, suspended the granting of export licences for new defence materiel.

The Ministry of Defence has also examined the situation with regard to previously granted and valid export licences.

Based on the review, there is no reason to interfere with the permits in force based on the report, because they do not cover weapons or ammunition or other equipment that cause destruction.

No decision has been made between the EU Member States to withdraw the export licences for defence materiel already granted to Turkey, but some countries, including Finland, have frozen new licences.

Finland reserves the possibility to reassess the existing licences together with other EU countries.

Inquiries: Selina Kangas, Senior Specialist, Resources Policy Department, Ministry of Defence: +358 295 140 037

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