Internationalisation and structural changes in society greatly affect the country's ability to secure vital functions. In addition, the Government's report on Finnish Security and Defence Policy 2001 paid particular attention to the threats associated with further international integration.

In accordance with the report, the Government embarked on a project to define the areas vital to the functioning of society and to draft action and development plans.

This Government Resolution and the related document (Strategy for Securing the Functions Vital to Society) define society's vital functions and establish targets and development policies that will guide each administrative branch of the government in dealing with its strategic tasks in all situations. Ministries are also designated responsibilities for co-ordinating these functions.
In this Resolution, strategic tasks refer to tasks which are needed to secure the functions vital to society in all situations. They are based on current legislation and the existing division of powers between the different authorities.

The functions vital to society are as follows: state leadership, external capacity to act, the nation's military defence, internal security, functioning of the economy and society, securing the livelihood of the population and its capacity to act, and their ability to tolerate a crisis.

According to the objectives of Finland's security and defence policy, the securing of society's vital functions contributes to the safeguarding of national sovereignty and citizens' livelihood and security.

The full report can be downloaded below in pdf -format.
Government resolution on securing the functions vital to society (pdf) (504.46 Kb)

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