Finland has a National Security Authority organisation. The main task for this decentralized governmental organisation is to ensure that the Finnish state, its citizens as well as industry and communities can participate in international cooperation where classified information or material is exchanged. This organisation is also responsible for the secure handling of foreign classified information when such is released to Finnish officials or companies.
The Ministry for Foreign Affairs carries out the duties of the National Security Authority (NSA). NSA gives guidance in national procedures which are based on the obligations laid down on the Act of international information security responsibilities (588/2004). NSA is also responsible for the preparations and negotiations of General Security Agreements (GSAs) between Finland and other countries or international organisations.  These legally binding agreements are as a rule the prerequisite for the exchange and handling of classified information or material between the Parties. Furthermore, NSA gives guidance and supervises that international classified information are protected and handled according to the agreement on situations where this is necessary for ensuring the correct cooperation between Finnish and foreign companies or other entities.

The Designated Security Authorities (DSAs) are the Ministry of Defence, the Security Police and the Defence Command, each of which is responsible for certain given functions within the organisation.

Communications Regulatory Authority has been tasked to act as the National Communications Security Authority (NCSA), being responsible for the security of classified information when such is transferred or handled in an electronic format. These responsibilities include the management of crypto material (CDA, Crypto Distribution Authority), approval of crypto products (CAA, Crypto Approval Authority) and the accreditation of information systems (SAA, Security Accreditation Authority).

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