The Security Committee started its work in February 2013. As its role is to assist the Government and ministries in matters pertaining to comprehensive security, the Security Committee follows the development of Finnish society and its security environment and coordinates proactive preparedness which is related to comprehensive security. The Government decree on the Security Committee gives more detailed information on the tasks and the basis of its work. The Security Committee comprises a total of 19 members and 3 experts from a number of administrative branches, authorities and the business community.

The basis of comprehensive security

The Security Strategy for Society which was published in 2010 outlines the functions vital for Finnish society and the basis of comprehensive security. The goals of the Strategy’s implementation, the Government resolution on comprehensive security, the policy-setting of the Security and Defence Policy Report and the Government programme are the most important documents to guide the Committee’s work.

The work of the Security Committee

The Security Committee meets about once a month. It aims to stimulate discussion and collect information necessary for the development of security in society by arranging seminars and public discussions with various organisations, the business community and other cooperation partners. The Security Committee prepares statements and recommendations on matters related to comprehensive security, most often on request by the responsible ministry or another member. Finland’s Cyber Security Strategy is a good example of the work completed under the Committee’s guidance; the strategy’s implementation programme was  published by the Committee in 2014.

This web page gives information on the work and comments of the Security Committee, with the purpose to promote awareness of the development of comprehensive security and improve information flow with citizens and cooperation partners.

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