Secretary General: Heli Santala

The Advisory Board of Defence Information (ABDI) is a permanent parliamentary committee which is administratively placed under this Ministry. First appointed in 1976, the Advisory Board is appointed by Government for the duration of the Parliament’s term of office. The tenth Advisory Board was appointed in summer 2011.

The work of the ABDI is based on the decree which was reviewed in 2012 (539/2012).

The tasks of the ABDI include the following: to organise seminars on security policy, national defence and preparedness for crisis situations and emergency conditions; to order and publish studies on the climate of opinion regarding security policy and national defence and the citizens’ psychological resilience to crisis; and to support, for its part, the contingency planning of authorities to further psychological resilience to crisis and to manage surveys and contacts with civic organizations in emergency conditions.

The work is for the most part carried out in the Work Branch, the Organisation Branch, the Education Branch, the Media Branch and the Research Branch.

The Advisory Board has its own Secretariat and close contacts with similar organisations in other Nordic countries.

For more information on its activities and opinion polls, please refer to the section maintained by the Advisory Board of Defence Information.

The Advisory Board of Defence Information (ABDI) is placed in the Communications Unit of the Ministry.

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