Since the report of 2001, Finland's neighbouring areas have become more stable along with the enlargement of the European Union and NATO, the deepening of integration in the European Union and the transformation in Russia. At the same time, however, the broader international situation has become increasingly challenging for Finland as well, and this development has started to reflect more tangibly on Finland's security environment. This trend is expected to continue.

Global problems, development crises and regional conflicts have become increasingly significant for security. Along with globalization Finland's internal and external security has become increasingly dependent on the broad international situation. The key threats affecting security include terrorism, the threat of the proliferation and use of weapons of mass destruction, regional conflicts and the use of military force, organized crime, drugs and human trafficking, economic and technological risks, environmental problems, population growth, population migrations and epidemics.

Security threats and challenges are increasingly cross-border in nature. In responding to them, therefore, it is crucial to increase bilateral and multilateral cooperation in neighbourhood relations, regionally and globally and establish procedures that are legally binding. The most important point for Finland in this context is the capability and influence of the European Union. The role of the United States, the development of the transatlantic relationship and NATO's role and activities are also of key importance. The issues that are accentuated in Finland's immediate vicinity are the transformation in Russia, the significance of the Baltic Sea region and military developments in neighbouring areas.

The line of action of Finland's security and defence policy is aimed at safeguarding the country's independence and society's fundamental democratic values and at promoting the security and welfare of all citizens. Finland's line of action is based on a credible national defence, the functioning of society, a consistent foreign policy as well as a strong international position and an active participation as a member of the EU. The key challenge for Finland's security and defence policy is retaining and strengthening the nation's capability in a changing environment, where global developments, regional conflicts and new threats have become of increasing significance to Finland's security.

The Finnish Security and Defence Policy 2004 -report together with a summary can be found below.

Summary (5 pages) (pdf) (29.49 Kb)
Finnish Security and Defence Policy 2004 (pdf) (1831.49 Kb)

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