The objective of Finland’s defence policy is to:

• maintain a defence capability in proportion to Finland’s security environment and resources.

• develop defence as part of comprehensive security.

• deepen international defence cooperation.

Finland’s defence solution

Finland’s defence solution is the principle of territorial defence implemented by general conscription aiming to defend the entire country while being militarily non-aligned. The whole territory is to be defended, and the Finnish Defence Forces use their capability to protect operations, targets and regions critical to society and the Defence Forces. Due to the limited number of troops, the ability to direct and focus key capabilities across the entire country is emphasised in the use of the Defence Forces’ capabilities.

The primary objective in maintaining Finland’s defence capability is to create a preventive threshold for the use of military force and threatening with it, as well as the capability to thwart attacks against our country. Maintaining our preventive capabilities will remain among our defence priorities in the future as well.

The Defence Forces must therefore possess the ability to raise defence readiness proactively and have genuine capabilities that correspond to the task at hand.

The aim is to prevent security threats and prepare for them according to the principles of comprehensive security. The opportunities of international cooperation are utilised in the maintenance and development of defence capability.


National defence objectives

The goal of national networking is to secure the maintenance, development and use of defence capability and the will to defend the country. As to defence capability this means in particular that the balance between tasks and resources is secured. National networking is needed especially to develop society’s resilience to crisis, competences, security of supply and infrastructure. Cooperation with other authorities, the business community, civil organisations and private individuals strengthens the will to defend our society. Strategic partnership with the business community plays a central role in the cost-effectiveness of the defence capability. Cooperation with civil organisations is important in preparing for and implementing comprehensive international crisis management and in supporting authorities. Cooperation also strengthens the will of citizens to defend the country.

International defence objectives

The goal of international defence policy networking is to secure the defence capability with parties who are prepared to develop and use in cooperation their capabilities. Networking in the context of the European Union, Nordic defence cooperation, Nato’s partnership for peace and on a bilateral basis allows for both international political support and military compatibility required for giving and receiving assistance. International networking develops also the cost-effectiveness of materiel acquisitions and security of supply and creates opportunities for industrial cooperation as well as cooperation in research and technology. On a deeper level, international networking results in developing and deploying joint capabilities.

Crisis management is a central tool for Finnish security policy to promote stability in the conflict areas around the world. Defence policy supports participation in comprehensive international crisis management. Participation in crisis-management tasks is part of the development of defence capability and its usability. Crisis management is also an instrument for highlighting the goals of Finland’s security and defence policy and showing proactive approach to Finland’s security situation.

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