1) European Defence Agency

The European Defence Agency was established to support the Member States in their effort to improve European crisis management capabilities and to sustain the European Security and Defence Policy as it stands now and develops in the future. The agency began its operations at the end of 2004.

Its tasks are as follows:

• the development of defence resources

• enhancing the level of defence materiel cooperation

• strengthening the foundation of European defence industry and technology

The Defence Agency acts under the EU Council’s authority and in close cooperation with the Commission. The EU’s High Representative acts as the Head of the Agency and leads the Agency’s Steering Board that consists of Defence Ministers of the 24 participating countries. The Steering Board directs and advises the Agency’s activities. The Defence Agency is located in Brussels.

2) European Union Satellite Centre

The European Union Satellite Centre supports the decision-making of the European Union particularly in the field of the Common Security and Defence Policy by increasing the EU’s ability to gather information (satellite imagery and, if needed, aerial imagery) in order to prevent conflict and support crisis management operations as well as provide effective humanitarian aid in natural disasters or man-made crises.

3) European Union Institute for Security Studies

The European Union Institute for Security Studies was established in 2001. The Institute has autonomous and scientific freedom and it does not represent or defend any particular national interest or viewpoint. The objective of the Institute is to foster a common European security culture, enrich the strategic debate and systematically promote the interests of the EU.

4) European Security and Defence College

The European Security and Defence College, established in June 2005, operates as a network between national universities, academies, and institutes that discuss security and defence policy issues and the EU Institute for Security Studies. The College provides training in the field of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) at the strategic level. The objective is to develop and promote a common understanding of ESDP among civilian and military personnel and spread the best practices in the field.

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