Voluntary national defence and the coordination of related activities between different administrative branches fall within the remit of the Ministry of Defence. Its tasks also include the steering, monitoring and development of voluntary military training.

Work on a voluntary basis which contributes to security is an important part of civil activities and important also for maintaining comprehensive security in civil society. For its part, work on a voluntary basis makes it possible to pass on necessary information and skills to large groups of people and it backs up the action taken by authorities. Voluntary action supports most administrative branches.

Voluntary national defence aims at developing the preparedness of citizens and authorities to support society when serious disturbances occur. Another objective which is stated in law is to promote the ability and will to defend the country. The premise for developing voluntary national defence is the needs of society, particularly those of the Defence Forces and voluntary organisations.

Voluntary national defence provides Finland’s preparedness with a new effective resource. It brings together citizen groups and bolsters the will to defend the country. Finland will not be defended only with weapons but in cooperation by using resources of the entire society. Both military and civil voluntary organisations have an important role to play in securing the vital functions of society during crises of different levels. As for security, the cooperation conducted by voluntary organisations especially on the local level may result in significant advantages both regionally and nationally.

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