Advisory Board for Voluntary Defence

In coordinating, controlling and developing voluntary national defence, the Ministry of Defence is assisted by an Advisory Board for Voluntary Defence, appointed by the Government, which operates in connection with the Ministry. The Committee’s term of office is the same as the parliamentary term. The current balance of parties in Parliament must be taken into account in the composition of the Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board may invite permanent expert members to join it and it may appoint regional or sector-specific advisory boards for the duration of its term.  The duties, composition and organisation of the Advisory Board and the regional and sector-specific advisory boards are provided for by Government Decree (960/2007).

The duties of the Advisory Board for Voluntary Defence are:

1) to coordinate and control the organisation of voluntary national defence;

2) to strengthen the status of voluntary national defence in society;

3) to monitor and evaluate the functioning and effectiveness of voluntary defence arrangements and make suggestions and initiatives for the development of voluntary defence;

4) to give statements regarding plans and suggestions relevant to voluntary national defence;

5) to maintain discussion on national defence and develop public awareness of national defence;

6) to promote voluntary national defence operation and national defence preparedness among citizens;

7) to control and monitor the operation of regional and sector-specific advisory boards.

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