On 8 March 2005, the Minister of Defence appointed a committee with the task of drawing up a government proposal on the legislative means necessary for the reorganisation of voluntary national defence. The committee examined, for example, the division principles of command relationships, tasks and resources and the division of labour between voluntary national defence organisations. The rights, obligations and responsibilities of participating volunteers, the reservation arrangements for citizens, the division of labour and cooperation between authorities and voluntary organisations and the status and tasks of what is now the National Defence Training Association of Finland (MPK) was studied.

An important target for development is the role of women and their rights and responsibilities. Women conscripts are naturally treated equally to other conscripts. Meaningful tasks in MPK training and support units or other voluntary organisations are designed for women who are not obligated to participate in military service. Women should indeed be increasingly deployed to tasks that correspond with their training in crisis organisations of all administrative branches.

The President of the Republic of Finland confirmed the Act on Voluntary National Defence (556/2007) and related specifications of certain other Acts on 11 May 2007. The Act provides for voluntary national defence organised under the supervision and guidance of the authorities. The Act entered into force on 1 January 2008.

The Government Decree (960/2007) provides for the tasks, composition and organisation of the Advisory Board for Voluntary Defence and regional advisory boards (Section 4).

Decrees of the Ministry of Defence provide for accepting the commitment and its content (Section 29), daily allowance and the manner of its payment (Section 34), the compensation for travel costs (Section 34) and the providing of voluntary training (Section 17).

The decrees entered into force at the beginning of 2008.

Parliament required that the Ministry of Defence provided a report for the Defence Committee on the implementation and operation of the Act on Voluntary National Defence during 2009.

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