The long-term maintenance and development of defence capability builds on the objectives approved by the Government, which are based on the strategic planning of the Ministry of Defence and the Defence Forces.

Strategic planning is used to steer and develop the administrative branch in the long term. It pertains to the Ministry’s administrative sector, determined in Chapter 16 of the Government regulation, which comprises defence policy, military defence, coordination of comprehensive national defence, military crisis-management tasks and peacekeeping operations.

The strategic plan which is the main product of strategic planning is a tool for strategic leadership and guidance. It provides the basis for the capabilities and their development required by defence as well as for the comprehensive development of the administrative branch and strategic planning in the Defence Forces. The strategic plan is used as a basis and starting point when preparing to implement defence policy.

The Government Report on Finnish Security and Defence Policy, the Government programme, the Strategy for securing the functions vital for society and other Government-level documents provide political guidance for the strategic planning of the Ministry of Defence. Strategic planning is implemented in the middle-term and short-term planning.

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