The Director of the Unit: Max Arhippainen, Director of Communications, tel. 0295 140 120. The diverse tasks of the unit are covered by four information officers, a publications coordinator and a communications coordinator. The Unit also offers fixed-term traineeships for university students.

The Media and Communications Unit, which is responsible for all external and internal communications of the Ministry of Defence, is directly responsible to the Permanent Secretary. The Unit contributes to the Ministry’s strategic planning and does follow-up on communications in the entire administrative branch.

Contact information

Director of Communications Niina Hyrsky
Tel. +358 9 160 88200, Mobile +358 295 140120

Senior Advisor Kirsti Haimila
Deputy Director of Unit, crisis information
Tel. +358 295 140122

Senior Advisor Kristian Vakkuri
International affairs, network centric information,
Tel. +358 295 140123

Senior Advisor Aleksi Kuutio
Web editor-in-chief, social media
Tel. +358 295 140128

Senior Advisor Eijaliisa Kettunen
Administration policy information, Intranet editor-in-chief, network centric information
Tel. +358 295 140124

Information Assistant Jaana Riihimaa
Editor-in-chief of MoD Personnel Magazine, supportive media tasks
Tel. +358 295 140121


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