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What is ABDI?

The Advisory Board For Defence Information (ABDI) is a permanent parliamentary committee

appointed by the Government for the duration of the parliamentary term. Administratively, ABDI operates under the Ministry of Defence.

In addition to parliamentary members, ABDI has members from expert organisations. Furthermore, ABDI operations include external experts. ABDI has been in operation since 1976. The work is regulated by a decree. Reforming the decree and updating ABDI’s operation to correspond with the already established tasks was finalised with a new Government decree on 4 October 2012.

What does ABDI do?

ABDI acts as a parliamentary forum that organises various seminars and opportunities for discussion on security policy, national defence and preparedness for crisis situations and emergencies among NGOs, decision-makers, authorities, the media and specialists.

ABDI monitors general preparedness for crisis situations and emergencies in society and studies the related needs with a special focus on communications.

While helping NGOs and the media develop their expertise and competences in security policy, national defence and preparedness, it also studies the public spirit of citizens in connection with foreign and security policy, national defence and security. Some survey questions have been included since 1964, when ABDI’s predecessor HMS began the work.

ABDI is active in Nordic cooperation especially with Sweden and Norway.

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