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ABDI survey: Questions on Afghanistan

ABDI survey 2009 had three questions of the situation in Afghanistan

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04.12.2008 Finns` opinions on foreign and security policy, defence and security issues

Support for military non-aligment has decreased from the previous year

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19.12.2007 Support and disapproval of NATO membership remains steady

Over two thirds of citizens, 69 per cent, are of the opinion that Finland should not seek NATO membership (67 per cent in 2006).

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11.01.2007 Finland's participation in the peacekeeping operation in Southern Lebanon is supported. The ABDI Survey 11/2006

Three-fourths (74%) of Finns support Finland's decision to deploy peacekeepers to the UN operation in southern Lebanon. From the perspective of security in the region, 71 per cent consider this a positive thing, and from the viewpoint of Finnish foreign policy, 73 per cent of the population thinks so.

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24.11.2005 The European Union must have a UN mandate for military intervention. The ABDI Survey 1/2005

Almost four fifths of the respondents, 77 per cent, think that in addition to the EU's own decision, a European Union military intervention should also be mandated by the UN.

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05.07.2004 The question on military alliance divides opinions even more clearly than before. The ABDI Survey, carried out 29.9.-19.10.2004

The majority of Finns still support military non-alignment but the number of those supporting alignment has gone up. Sixty-one per cent of citizens think that Finland should remain military non-aligned (64% in 2003) whereas 34 per cent are of the opinion that Finland should ally itself militarily (24% in 2003).

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27.01.2004 The majority of Finns are in favour of military non-alliance. The ABDI survey 27.1.2004

Two-thirds of Finns, 65 % are of the opinion that Finland should remain militarily non-allied. Military non-alliance is equally supported among women and men, 65 % and 64 % respectively.

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27.10.2003 7.5.2003 Bulletins and Reports 2/2003

Opinions of Finns on the war in Iraq - a survey carried out on 22 to 24 April 2003

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27.10.2003 16.12.2002 Bulletins and Reports 1/2002

NATO membership of the Baltic countries does not increase Finland's need to be militarily allied

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