The planning and monitoring information related to the performance management of the administrative branch is available in the documents on these pages. The documents are grouped into performance management documents and other planning and monitoring documents. Performance management documents are further grouped into plans and monitoring data. Other planning and monitoring documents are either instructions, plans, evaluations and reports or other documents.

The most central plans of the government performance management include goals for administrative branches (performance goal document), performance agreements between the Ministry and agencies and units in its administrative branch, and the budget proposal approved by the Parliament. The most central monitoring information includes the annual report and the Ministry’s comments on the financial statements and annual reports of agencies and units.

NETRA – the Finnish State Internet Reporting

NETRA is a new reporting service for government issues provided by the State Treasury. In the first phase you have access to information in the state central bookkeeping system, as well as to a collection of official documents concerning planning and follow-up. Furthermore, NETRA allows you to examine government finance issues on other pages, such as the state budget proposal, the Government Programme and its monitoring, the project register for individual projects and information on government employees and HR.

The budget proposals for the Ministry of Defence’s administrative branch are found here.

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