Press releases 2001

09.01.2002 19.10.2001 Minister Of Defence Jan-Erik Enestam Signed The Acquisition Contract Related To Transport Helicopters

Minister of Defence Jan-Erik Enestam has today together with General Manager Philippe Stuckelberger from NHIndustries signed the Contract for 20 transport helicopters.

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09.01.2002 13.6.2001 Government Approves Security And Defence Policy Report

The report on security and defence policy is divided into four sections: the security environment and Finland's security strategy; developing Finland's defence system; international crisis management; precautionary measures and combating threats to society.

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09.01.2002 9.6.2001 Nordic-Baltic-US Defense Minister Meeting In Turku, June 9, 2001

Nordic, Baltic and US Defense Ministers held their annual meeting on June 9, 2001, in Turku, Finland.

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