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31.10.2008 13:50

MoD publication 'Russia of Challenges' now available in English

In 2008, the MoD organized an extensive research project on Russia. As a result, a publication, 'Russia of Challenges', was compiled and received a very good reception. The report, originally published only in Finnish, is as of October 2008 also available in English.

The research project was carried out utilising top national expertise on Russia. The project was divided into six themes; Russian Society, Domestic Policy, Economy and Transport, the Environment, Energy and finally Foreign and Security Policy. Groups consisting of 4-7 experts were gathered for each theme. Ulti-mately, results of the groups' findings were turned into reports and later edited into one publication by researcher Hanna Smith from the Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki.

Please find below a link to the publication

Russia of Challenges

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