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24.11.2014 11:19

Finland participated in Nato's Cyber Coalition 2014 exercise

Finland took part in Nato's Cyber Coalition 2014 (CC14) exercise which took place in Tartu on 17 to 20 November 2014. The exercise is organised on an annual basis and this was the fourth time for Finland as a partner country. A total of 26 Nato member countries and five partner countries participated.

As an exercise in cyber security, the purpose of the CC14 was to respond to a variety of cyber incidents and to secure an undisturbed flow of information among different actors during incidents. The objectives of the exercise were to ensure decision-making, to coordinate cyber defence between Nato and national cyber defences, partnership for peace countries included, and to test the technical capabilities of both the exchange of information and cooperation.

In addition to Nato Headquarters and the strategic-level military staffs there were civilian and military participants from the capitals of the participating countries and missions to Nato. Finland?s representatives from the Ministry of Defence and the Defence Forces were supported by relevant authorities. The Secretariat of the Security Committee coordinated Finland?s participation in the exercise.

For more information on the exercise, please contact Senior Staff Officer of The Security Committee, Mr. Harri Roivainen, tel. 0295 140 703.

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