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27.04.2015 14:52

European Conference of Defence and the Environment organized in Helsinki 9th -10th of June

The 2nd European Conference of Defence and the Environment (ECDE) will take place in Helsinki, June 9-10, 2015. The Conference is organized in cooperation by the Finnish Ministry of Defence, the Construction Establishment of Defence Administration and the Finnish Defence Forces. The event is supported by DEFNET, an informal, expert-level, group comprising of specialists from the Ministries of Defence of EU member states and Nordic Defence Estates, cooperation forum for building and construction organizations of defence administrations in the Nordic countries.

The ECDE is Europe?s premier forum for exchanging information on the environmental impacts of military operations, live-fire training on military training areas and management of environmentally hazardous substances. The special theme of ECDE 2015 is the Nordic initiative ?Developing Technical and Practical Solutions for Environmental Protection of Heavy Weapons Ranges.?

Experts in their fields from throughout Europe and North America have been invited to present their research and R&D. In addition the conference covers topics such as environmental management, policy and legislative issues, and energy efficiency of military facilities. Conference program will include speeches from European Defence Agency Director Denis Roger and chairman of DEFNET. The Chief of Defence, general Jarmo Lindberg, will open the conference. Expert presentations, that cover broadly the environmental impacts of military activities and their management, form an essential part of the conference program.

The ECDE conference will provide a discussion forum for all stakeholder groups including policy and decision makers, subject matter experts, authorities, academics and the industry. In its first edition in 2013, the ECDE attracted more than 100 participants.

The registration for ECDE conference organized in 9-10th of June has started at Participation to the conference is free of charge. For further information, please contact Dr. Matias Warsta,, p. +358 295 140 454.

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