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29.05.2015 12:00

The Defence Administration has pledged to sustainable development

The defence administration is now one of the national actors pledged to sustainable development under the national programme "The Finland We Want by 2050". Through the commitment, the whole public sector, in cooperation with other actors, pledges to promote sustainability in all their work and operations. Society?s Commitment to Sustainable Development, published by the National Commission on Sustainable Development in 2013, is a shared vision for Finland?s future in the long term.

The goal is to implement the tasks set for the defence administration in a way that is sustainable socially, financially and ecologically. The pledge made by the defence administration consists of concrete measures which continue the Environmental Programme the Ministry of Defence published in 2010.

To achieve the set goals, the defence administration has pledged to further develop advance medical examinations, advance preparation and service conditions for conscripts and women who are willing to enter military service on a voluntary basis. Accidents and illnesses will be prevented by education and training and by decreasing health and safety related risks in the working environment and service environment.

Environmental damage caused by shooting and exercises will be prevented and minimised by making use of and developing techniques and practices that are suitable for the environment and represent the best available techniques (BAT) and practices. Material efficiency will be improved by doing a needs test, procuring durable products, ensuring appropriate storage and responsible use, maintenance and disposal. The defence administration will also improve energy efficiency in their premises and increase the share of renewable domestic energy sources in energy consumption.

The defence administration challenges their strategic partners to take the pledge to sustainable development in society.

The pledge of the defence administration can be read in its entirety at

For more details, please contact Planning Officer Sami Heikkilä on +358 (0)295 140 452 and Special Advisor Eemeli Peltonen on +358 (0)295 140 125.

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