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08.02.2016 15:47

Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö to attend Nato meeting for ministers of defence

Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö will attend the Nato meeting for ministers of defence in Brussels 10.-11.2.2016.

In connection with this meeting, minister Niinistö will attend a working meeting which is organized for Nato and Enhanced Opportunities Partners (EOP). During the Nato Summit in Wales in September 2014 Finland was invited to join the Enhanced Opportunities programme which is meant for advanced partner countries. The other EOP countries include Sweden, Australia, Georgia and Jordan. Political dialogue with Nato and an opportunity to take part in planning exercises are examples of cooperation within the EOP programme. Security situation in neighbouring areas will be addressed at the EOP meeting.

In addition to the EOP meeting, minister Niinistö will attend the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL (C-ISIL) which convenes on request by the United States. He will also attend the Northern Group working meeting which convenes on request by Latvia. The C-ISIL meeting will address the future of the measures taken against ISIL while the Northern Group will discuss Northern European security issues. Apart from the Nordic countries and the Baltic States, the Northern Group consists of the Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland and Germany.

After Brussels minister Niinistö will continue to Munich where he will attend a high-level international conference called the Munich Security Conference (MSC).

For more information on the contents of the meeting, please contact Ministerial Counselor Heidi Fransila, tel. +358 295 140 315; for more information on the travel programme, please contract Sami Jaakkola, ADC to the minister, tel. +358 295 140102; for more information on communication matters please contact Senior Advisor Kristian Vakkuri, tel. +358 295 140123.

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