Press Releases 2016

15.04.2016 14:00

Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö to Luxembourg

Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö participates in the European Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) meeting for defence ministers and in the steering board meeting of the European Defence Agency (EDA) in Luxembourg on 18.-19.4.2016.

The main topics on the agenda of the FAC meeting which brings together defence ministers are provision of support to third countries in their efforts to develop defence capacity and hybrid threats. In addition, the role of defence in the global strategy of the European Union and the situation in Afghanistan will be addressed. Both defence ministers and ministers for foreign affairs will meet in a joint meeting to discuss current topics, with special emphasis on the situation in Libya.

The steering board meeting of the EDA will be organized on the level of defence ministers. It will address the political guidance for defence cooperation and the joint projects that are the responsibility of the EDA and how to advance them.

Inquiries: Special Adviser Rasmus Hindrén, tel. +358 295 140322; Special Adviser Sanna Laaksonen, tel. +358 295 140417; and Special Adviser in communications Kristian Vakkuri, tel. +358 295 140123, the Ministry of Defence.

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