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06.05.2016 14:06

Nordic Defence Industry Seminar in Helsinki

Organized within the framework of Nordic defence cooperation (Nordefco), Finland will host a Nordic Defence Industry Seminar in Helsinki on 9 to 11 May 2016. The theme of the seminar is transatlantic cooperation. There will also be an industrial exhibition as part of the seminar where the major Nordic defence industry companies will present themselves.

On Monday 9 May, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark will sign an agreement on joint procurement. Director General Raimo Jyväsjärvi from the Resource Policy Department of the Ministry of Defence will sign the agreement on Finland?s behalf.

This agreement is related to the Agreement between the Governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden concerning Cooperation in the Defence Materiel Area which was signed by Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish defence ministers on 10.3.2015. The Nordic countries have acknowledged the need to develop and improve procurement procedures. In particular the shared need for cost-efficiency, security of delivery and commensurate materiel call for improved and upgraded procedures as well as implementation of joint procurement. The Annex concerning joint procurement does not in itself bind a country to cooperate in procurement matters but defines the overall frame and procedures for joint procurement and, as a result, promotes joint procurement for the parties to the Agreement.

In addition to the Nordefco countries, representatives have been invited from the United States, Canada and Nato. The seminar is held every two years, and it was hosted by Norway two years ago.

Inquiries: Special Adviser Sanna Laaksonen, tel. +358 295 140417.

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