The Government approved presenting the Defence Report to Parliament


The Government’s Defence Policy Report to Parliament was adopted in a Government plenary session on Thursday 16 February 2017.

The Report defines defence policy guidelines for maintaining, developing and using Finland’s defence capabilities. Through implementing the Defence Policy Report Finland secures its defence capabilities in a changing security situation, creates preconditions for maintaining a credible defence system that covers the entire territory and outlines the implementation of strategic performance projects. It will also improve the readiness of the Defence Forces and steer both the deepening of defence cooperation and development of national legislation. The timeline extends into the mid-2020s.

The Defence Policy Report was drawn up, for the first time, as a separate report. It follows the report by a parliamentary working group (the Parliamentary Office Publication 3/2014) and the Government Report on Finnish Foreign and Security Policy (Prime Minister’s Office Publication 7/2016). The Defence Policy Report has been prepared through broad-based cross-sectoral cooperation and also a parliamentary monitoring group was consulted.

The Government’s Defence Report PDF

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